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Apollo Fox

ALL of the aircraft pictured on this page (and many others!) may be flown with a Sport Pilot Certificate.  Whether you are an adventurer ready to explore your world from a higher perspective, or a business traveler looking to reduce your travel time and costs, there is a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) thatís right for you.  And, weíre not talking rubber band power. Sleek and sexy machines with cruise speeds above 170 miles per hour are both possible and legal! We know a lot about the Sport Pilot Rule and Light Sport Aircraft, and are available to answer your questions.

A sophisticated kitplane requires only ordinary skills to assemble and may be completed for a cost of $12K to $45K, depending upon your performance goals and materials preferences. We can help you choose a model thatís right for you, and assist you with assembly and flight testing.

If youíre in a hurry to buy, or building an airplane is just not your thing,  factory-new LSA airplanes may be purchased for $55K to $130K. Call us before you buy, and we will help you make an informed decision. CAUTION: Some manufacturers exaggerate performance specifications.

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